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Two pairs of eyes are better than one - why we use a two professional process

Turnaround speeds from 3 HOURS to 5 DAYS

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In Spanish, they say "cuatro ojos ven más que dos." In German, the saying is "Zwei Köpfe sind besser als einer." In French, you'll hear "deux têtes valent mieux qu'une."

In English, we say "two pairs of eyes are better than one" — and we mean it. That's why TranslationPal uses a two-tier system to ensure the highest quality translations.

First, your document is translated into English by one of our expert translators, who have years of experience with the source language as well as superb English skills.

Once the document has been translated into English, a member of our team of professional proofreaders will take over. The proofreader will review the entire document for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, spelling, sentence structure and clarity.

"Super helpful! My certificate was translated into English accurately and delivered back on time."

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